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Bookies, don’t settle for good enough, find the best, and be the best. You can be the best at what you do, and we are not going to lie and say that it will be easy, however, there is a path to be chosen if you want to be good at this game and want to earn big profits. The best pay per head providers are now offering you the chance of a lifetime to get in on the ground floor with no upfront cost and a free gaming website.  

  • Get online today. The only bookmakers in America that are making a great salary have some kind of an online presence. Do not go through this process alone and our best advice to you is do not build your website!

  • Of course, you can find any number of popular web hosts on the internet that will sell you a domain name for less than $10.00 That’s the easy part. Anybody can purchase a domain name, but can you build a top-notch gaming website that features a state of the art user interface, and that comes with a sportsbook, a racebook, and a virtual casino? 

  • Listen, building a gaming website is not an easy task, it takes a high amount of technical skill. You must be an experienced site builder, but that’s not the hard part… No, many folks have experience following the guidelines of WIX or WordPress and putting together a decent blog or a nice looking webpage. Building a site for gambling is a different animal altogether. It’s complicated, you must know code, and you must have some level of programming skills. 

  • If you are like most bookies, then you probably don’t have the technical skill necessary to start a great gaming site. This is not a knock on bookies, this is simply the reality. A gaming website is complicated, it’s extremely complicated. If you don’t have the skills necessary, then you will need to hire someone that does. This will cost you around $25 an hour and up. In other words, this is going to cost a fortune. There is a better way – the pay per head. 

  • The PPH (pay per head) has come along at the right place in time with their fantastic bookie software. They are the bookie. What they offer is the best software in the world that acts as the bookie for you. They do your job for you and your job as a bookie is not easy. 

  • The PPH offers you a fantastic, state of the art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. You get all three gaming venues, and you don’t pay a penny for the use of the website. NOPE, not one penny ever. The website is for your use and it’s custom-built for you. The PPH will work with you to set it up to your specifications. 

  • The sportsbook comes with a sleek user interface and a huge wagering menu. You now can offer your sportsbook clients bets that they have been asking for but you haven’t been able to deliver. Every sport known to man is available and every way possible to bet on those sports is available

  • The PPH sets all of the daily events, they set all of the day’s lines and odds, but you are always in control, you are the boss. You will now have time to manage your players instead of doing busy work.

  • The racebook features more than 75-tracks from around the world and all of the odds, the math, and the calculating is done by the PPH. All payouts are in up to the minute, track odds and you do nothing, just sit back, and collect. 

Turn 2021 into your most profitable year ever. There is no excuse to not be earning a six-figure income as a bookie. Your clients want to bet 24/7 and they want more than a sportsbook, they want a casino and a racebook. Now, you can offer it for no upfront cost, no deposit, and you can be operational tomorrow. Call the PPH and ask them how to get a free website and get moving, 2021 is your year because gambling is back.  
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