How One Pay Per Head Firm Views the New Look American Sports Betting Market

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In May the US Supreme Court overturned a law forbidding sports betting at the state level, thus paving the way for individual states to allow the activity.

The initial logic would be local bookies and agents lose out.  Who wants to place a bet with these guys when they can do it at a casino or maybe even online via a website owned by said casino?

The Pay Per Head sportsbook firms are not seeing it this way though.

For starters, probably only half the US states will allow sports wagering in the foreseeable future.  Meanwhile, betting on sports is already starting to go mainstream with the NBA inking the first gambling company sponsorship deal Tuesday and the NHL looking to follow suit.

Bookies in states where sportsbooks can't be found will be in even higher demand.

In the vast majority of states that offer sports betting, the activity will more often be confined to casinos and racetracks, not always easy to get to. 

Those states that offer wagering via mobile devices and laptops online will require sites to obtain customer social security numbers and tax documents,  Local bookies and internationally-licensed sportsbooks will not demand this information.  Indeed one of the main benefits of betting with a local bookie is the anonymity

Pay Per Head firm PricePerPlayer.com note that, ever since the Federal Sports Betting Ban was lifted, the gambling market in the U.S. has been working overtime.

"This is because as states are scrambling to legalize sports betting, gambling companies are also working towards opening their operation.  In fact, several U.S. and foreign companies have been making the news about entering the American Sports Betting Market."

They have observed it's like the "Wild West" in the US.  PricePerHead.com claims one of the bigger surprises has been fantasy sports companies jumping into the full service wagering market by utilizing Pay Per Head software.

Pay Per Heads and Internationally-licensed online sportsbooks that still cater to US bettors (there are plenty of them) have more to offer such as LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, unique player props and often higher limits (depending on the book).  One can anticipate these international betting firms boosting their options.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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