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Some investors think that pay per head (PPH) bookies and bookmakers offer the same services. This also confuses many bettors. 

You can define pay per head as an exchange for bookmaking software, casino, and sportsbook services. In this post, we discuss five differences between a PPH bookie and a sportsbook. 

  1. Casino Games

Pay per head bookies serve various bettors including casino players, horseplayers, and sports gamblers. So, they create various service packages while considering all players. 

At times, a sports gambler can place horse bets or play various casino games. So, PPH providers offer casino solutions and PPH poker to meet each casino player's needs. 

Some bookmakers specialize in sports betting only. Thus, casino players cannot play at their sites and this limits such companies' clientele. 

  1. Call Center 

Most PPH poker players and sports bettors like getting their action on their own online. Yet, some bettors prefer calling operators to place bets. 

They might be reserved or like regular human interaction. Still, they might have unsteady or weak connections in their neighborhoods thus making phone calls more convenient. 

Renowned PPH bookies have offshore call centers. This saves them money by reducing overhead costs and they can use it to offer bookies and bettors more gambling services. Besides, they have to fulfill the legal gambling requirements of the nations where they have established their call centers. 

Once an operator signs up at a PPH bookie, they will get a customized number that they will share with their players. Bettors can start dialing this number to place wagers or seek help. 

Pay per head providers have efficient and friendly betting clerks who are always ready to help bookmakers. They monitor each call to ensure that the representatives place each telephone bet. This prevents conflicts between bookies and their customers. 

Bookmakers have call centers with trained customer representatives on their premises. They receive calls from bettors in a certain region. 

Sportsbooks with subsidiaries in different nations hire representatives who are fluent in the local languages to communicate smoothly with each bettor. Besides, they often have different cell numbers for different countries. 

  1. Bookmaking Software 

PPH bookies have advanced software for bookmakers and bettors. Sports gambling agents use interfaces that allow them to track their customers' current activities and move lines when a market changes. Besides, they can create gambling limits or close certain bettors' accounts. 

The sportsbook software allows bookmakers to run their operations from anywhere, as they can access the interface online using a smartphone or computer. Bookmaking agents take various measures to increase the profit they make from each bettor's action. 

Bookmakers can view the figure's internal side in the software while gamblers are limited to the betting menu. Operators can contact pay per head service providers if they need software test accounts. Most companies offer them for free for a limited period while others have a money-back guarantee. 

The software that sportsbooks use solely focuses on bettors. It accepts, records, and settles bets. Also, the software makes fast payouts when a bettor wins. 

  1. Internet Betting 

PPH bookies offer sportsbooks access to their betting websites or have in-house platforms that their clients' players can access and wager on. Many bookmakers have mobile apps and allow gamblers to bet on their websites. 

  1. Gambling Needs 

A PPH bookie serves bookmakers and bettors while a bookmaker meets gamblers' needs only. So, an entrepreneur only needs to understand bettors' gambling preferences before they set up a bookmaker. But, it is necessary to understand bookies' and gamblers' gambling requirements before you establish a pay per head company. 

Take time to understand the differences between a pay per head bookie and a bookmaker if you want to venture into the gambling industry. Each business needs to fulfill various legal requirements to get an operating license. Also, they target different clients. 

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