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C Costigan
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There is value in information and just as with any business, the more you learn, the more you grow. The pay per head industry has helped thousands of bookies to see their dreams come true. No matter where you want to take this business – whether for fun/entertainment or huge profits; a fantastic PPH is an affordable alternative. 

  • The PPH industry was started more than 20-years ago by a group of bookies in Central America that had grown weary of fighting the fight of everyday life as a “local bookie”. This job is not always easy, and they found out! They realized that to keep up with the growing competition, they needed an online presence. Now… they had no idea how to go about building what they wanted. They knew what they wanted but didn’t know how to put it together and in the form of an online presence. 

  • Pay per head companies are a dime a dozen nowadays, there are some great ones, and there are some duds. Bookies that are looking to expand their horizons and branch out into a whole new world of earning opportunities - they are looking for an alternative to the “local scene”. The local scene may be all you know, and that’s perfectly fine and good, however, you are here right now, for a reason! 

  • The bookies did the right thing, they did what any other successful entrepreneur would do, they hired people with experience. They hired programmers, coders, site builders, and folks that were “generally in the know”, everything gaming website. 

  • The PPH was not an instant hit. Bookies liked the idea behind it; however, the service was expensive and was often difficult to use. In recent times, the cost of doing business with a PPH has dramatically changed. We say “dramatically” – from around $25 per head, per week, to around $7-$10 per head, per week, in today’s market. 

  • The PPH gives an instant online presence. The best PPH providers on the internet today will custom-build your bookmaking website for FREE of charge and they will have your players betting against you within a day or two. The process is complicated for the novice but simple for the bookie. 

  • The PPH is the sportsbook and it’s operated by high tech software that’s built specifically for bookmakers. The software integrates a state-of-the-art user interface and comes stacked with a huge wagering menu that players will love. 

  • The PPH sets the daily sports offerings with hundreds of sides and totals, along with prop bets, live wagering, dynamic lines, futures, politics, lotto, contests, bonus plans, and much more.

  • Not only can you offer your players the very best in sportsbook action, but you can also offer them a Las Vegas-style casino that offers more than 100-games, live dealers, and all of the hottest slots. To boot… you will have access to a world-class racebook that offers more than 75-tracks from across North America and the world. 

  • The PPH allows you to manage players with the on-demand use of players and financial reports. Now, you can keep up with your player's activity as well as follow every dollar that comes in, and every dollar that goes out. 

  • Players want 24/7 access, and this is difficult to offer. You are one person and you can’t possibly be everywhere, all of the time.  Your PPH is there for you when you can’t be. 

  • The PPH accepts wagers on the website or over the phone. Your clients will have access to a 24/7 toll-free number that can be accessed from the United States. The gaming-friendly agents speak English and offer the best customer service industry-wide. The PPH also grades all bet slips and credits player accounts automatically. In essence, your job is done for you.

We are in the thick of what’s racking up to be an amazing football season. Now is the time to earn serious profits from passionate gamblers, but if you want to keep these clients, you had better be prepared to offer them the goods. They want it all and the good news is this… you can offer it all. The PPH is your ticket to your clients happiness. 

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