"Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul" Tim Donaghy Documentary Coming to Netflix

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C Costigan
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This is one every sports bettor will be watching: "Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul".


It's the true story of Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee accused of betting on games he officiated over a decade ago.

In the upcoming Netflix documentary, Donaghy speaks frankly about the gambling scandal. 

Executive producers Chapman and Maclain Way spoke to Awful Announcing last month in regard to the doc:

“The main challenge is just a very basic one; ‘What is the clarity to the audience?’ It’s a very hard thing to get across to an audience that there’s actually different [point of views] within a story. There’s just a technical difficulty with that; ‘Is the audience tracking this, can they make sense of this?’ We’ve found, going back to Wild Wild Country when we had very different POVs between different characters, it can add a lot of energy.”

“Most human beings have their own version of the truth. We feel like it puts the audience into action, into determining how they feel about the story and who they think is believable. And we’ve always found it very dynamic to have unreliable narrators at the center of our stories, and to not have any judgment on them and let them tell their story, and let audiences participate and see how they feel about it.”

Fawkes "Anyone Getting Paid to Discuss Sports Betting Should be Required to Define 'Value'"

In a tweet sent out by VSiN Live content producer, Bet Fawkes challenged anyone paid to talk about sports gambling to define what they mean as "value".

Mark Zinno responded:

"I only use "value" in terms of comparison to another similar bet ... i.e., two players in a season long yardage prop, one price may have better value based off of projections, etc."

Future Canada Refugee writes:

"It could be as simple as 'the implied odds are too high/too low, so I’m placing what I believe is a +EV bet'."

Cris (lvc) noted:

"You would get a different answer from each of them. Everyone defines value differently in some way. Agreed, disclosing their way of finding value would be interesting & should be shared."

Fawkes elaborated further:

"The interest should be in WHY there is value in the bet, not just making said bet because a buzzword was tossed in."

Here at Gambling911.com, the word "value" is tossed around quite a bit.  Most often, there is an explanation as to why.

Case in point: In the political betting space, we've been talking a great deal about the upcoming Liz Cheney GOP primary for Congress in Wyoming and how Cheney has "value" at 8-1 odds of winning her race

Polls heading into the race show Cheney is down as much as 20 points versus her leading opponent, Harriet Hageman (there are three others running).

But last week's Arizona GOP primary for Governor demonstrated to us that big favorites could come close to losing.

Kari Lake was an -800 favorite to beat Karrin Taylor Robson.  And, while Lake ultimately won, this race was close enough that it took two days to determine the winner.   In other words, polls and oddsmakers believed there were several thousand more voters inclined to vote for Lake who did not.  The odds would have been closer to -300 favoring Lake had these close results been anticipated.  Lake beat Taylor Robson by 4.5 points in the end.

At 3-1 odds, we'd balk at the notion of betting on Cheney.  But at 8-1 odds we're talking an $80 payout on a $10 bet.

There is also the potential that news leading up to the primary could tilt the race in her favor. 

Sure the raid on former U.S. President Donald Trump's residence in Palm Beach, Florida could further serve to anger his supporters (pushing them further away from Cheney, Trump's arch nemesis).  But leaked details of the search warrant could sway a few folks to either stay home or maybe even persuade them to vote for Cheney. Wyoming's small population is enough to move the needle fairly dramatically.

Because it's an open primary where Independents and Democrats can change their party affiliation - with many indicating they will - this one is not necessarily in the bag for Hageman.

Will it happen?  Probably not....but at 8-1 odds, there's "value".  At 3-1, there's not.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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