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Per head agents should have a strategy going into the 2018-2019 College Football Season.

College football will never attract as much betting action as the NFL. Still, wagering on college football should be a nice source of consistent revenue for most agents.

See below for a 3-step approach to strategizing around NCAAF betting. This 3-step approach applies to agents that have a history with their clients.

Study Last Season’s NCAAF Betting Reports

Organizations like PayPerHead provide numerous reports that help bookies forecast for specific months, and for specific sports and sports leagues. One of the absolute most powerful reports are player reports.

Player reports are a great way to discover where likely college football action in your specific book should derive from.

Big time, pro playing, NCAAF bettors from last season are going to be big time, pro playing, NCAAF bettors this season.

That’s the key. With NCAAF betting, it’s important to look for consistent action. There so many conferences, so many college football teams, that most pro players become experts for a specific conference.

Find out what that conference is.

Discover Top Bettor Strategies

When I use the word top, I don’t use it to imply that the strategies are winning betting strategies.

Yes, you must know if your players employ winning betting strategies. More importantly, though, you must know if the strategies provide action.

Most bettors, pro or casual, lose more than they win. That’s the nature of sports betting. Even if a pro player, or 2, or 3, wins more than he or she loses, that’s okay.

As the per head agent, you have multiple strategies that you can employ to counter balance pro players that win.

Top bettor strategies from pro and casual players that bring in action is what you’re counting on. You don’t necessarily worry so much about winners and losers.

If there are winners, you can always use per head tools to create losers.

Adjust Accordingly

Once you’ve discovered the strategies, you must pay attention to the specific games that employ the strategies.

For example, if one of your pro players bets on Michigan ATS every single week that Michigan’s a dog, pay attention to the action from that pro player on Michigan when Michigan is a dog.

Use one of the following tools, if needed, to balance the action from that pro player:

Line Mover – Only available via premium packages. Moving a line encourages action from the other side of a spread.

Schedule limit overrides – Can encourage wagering on other games.

Layoff account – Use sparingly, but can balance dollars bet on both side of a spread.

Always remember that without NCAAF betting action, there’s no chance for revenue or profit via college football.

Get PayPerHead’s Premium Package

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