Online Blackjack One Deck, Two Deck, Eight Decks Comes to NitroBetting

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Aaron Goldstein
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Nitrobetting Casino has further expanded its online casino offerings with the addition of four new games!


Blackjack One Deck

Blackjack Two Deck

Blackjack Eight Deck

Nitrobetting offers anonymous wagering.  No personal information needed.


If you’re looking for a change of pace, give these games a try as you can find these games under the ‘Nitro Gaming’ section. With an active Casino Real Wager Bonus, each wager will bring you closer to earning as high as 45 mBTC!

Just like the other bonuses available at Nitrobetting, you will earn your reward from the Casino Bonus in 5 increments (20% each) as you complete your rollover (x20).

A single deck game, as the name implies, is played with only one deck of 52 cards. The house edge is 0.15%.

In a single-deck game the probability of getting an ace as the second card is 4/51 = 7.843%.

Multi-deck blackjack games like the two deck and eight deck have a house edge between 0.46% to 0.65%.

Nitrobetting offers a whole suite of great online casino games, all available to play anonymously using Bitcoin.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com


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