Nic Sulsky of MKF Jumps From Producing Children's Television to Fantasy Sports

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
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Ryan Knupp of Knupp Sports this week sat down with Nic Sulsky of the popular hybrid fantasy sports site Monkey Knife Fight to discuss his entry into the fantasy sports industry.

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"My journey is a bit different from, I think, a majority of the people in the fantasy sports space," he revealed. "A lot of people in fantasy sports are writers or are content people. I was never really a content person. I was an entrepreneur and I’ve been an entrepreneur pretty much my entire life. I started off, funny enough, I started off making kids’ television shows. I was producing, directing and hosting my own kids’ television shows up here in Canada. And there was a sports talk show called Off the Record, which was very, very popular up here. And as I’ve said on a number of podcasts, and you’ll probably hear me say this a few times on this show, I’m an if you don’t ask you, don’t get kind of guy. Right?

"While I was doing that kids’ TV show and there was this big sports talk show, and I love sports, and this show would have like B and C level celebrities on to talk about sports with athletes. And I just literally wrote an email to the producer of that show saying, “Hey, I’m on TV. I love sports. I could talk. What do you think?”

Sulsky also referred to these dark times of the coronavirus pandemic as the "desert" due to the near nonexistence of sports.  That is all about to change come the fall (at least we hope so) in an extreme way.

"We’re excited to see what the fall’s going to look like when you have, theoretically, every single sport going. It’s funny, we go from the desert of being a sports fan to literally the oasis of being a sports fan.  I think people are chomping at the bit.

"I think it’s also going to be an opportunity for people who’ve never done DFS, or who have never played Monkey Knife Fight to say, “Oh, that sounds kind of cool. I’m going to give that a go because I’m sitting here and watching baseball and I’m watching basketball at night, and it’s like, I want to make this experience a little bit better.” You can play on your phone, you can sit on the couch, play with your friends. I think that the idea of being a sports fan, especially in this fanless space, it’s also going to be a fanless experience. I think that things like daily fantasy sports and things like Monkey Knife Fight is only going to make that fanless sports experience better and more exciting. I think so."

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