New Orleans Saints Power Ranking 2018 Week 7

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Mary Montgomery
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The New Orleans Saints come in ranked at number 4 for Week 7 of the NFL season. 


Week 7 Power Ranking

From "The Saints headed into their Week 6 bye at the worst possible time. No team wants a week off when it is playing its best football. Drew Brees was clearly feeling it in Week 5, regularly tossing the football 5 yards ahead of Redskins defensive backs and into the waiting arms of loving New Orleans receivers. They were almost like timing patterns. Oh, there's a Washington DB, so my guy must be 20 feet ahead of him -- let me just throw the ball there. How about Mark Ingram, who waited four weeks to play, barely broke a sweat in Week 5, and then had a bye? Give him 30 carries in Week 7. New Orleans moves down only due to the Patriots leapfrogging the Chiefs."

The Saints current NFL Betting Power Rating is at 24.08.  They play Baltimore, with a Power Rating on Sagarin with home field factored in at 28.52.  The line on this game should be Baltimore -4 to -4.5, however, we are only seeing the number at -2.5.

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