Negreanu to Hellmuth: "You Cry Like a Child": Brat Blocks Kid Poker

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C Costigan
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Outspoken poker pro Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu has gone on a rampage against fellow poker pro Phil Hellmuth this week after the self-described "Poker Brat" got a taste of his own medicine.


"Hellmuth acting like the poor victim cause that guy was being mean to him," Negreanu tweeted out. "Awww poor baby. He dishes it out for decades, but can’t handle one dude giving it back to him."

Back in October at the World Series of Poker, Hellmuth threatened to burn the venue down and offered up a grand total of 40 F-Bombs in four hands, likely a record. 

This time the tables were turned as Eric Persson and Hellmuth began to engage in a verbal spat during the first round of the inaugural PokerGO Heads-Up Showdown at the Aria in Las Vegas.

Persson even flipped Hellmuth the double bird at one point.


“You might be one of the most obnoxious guys I’ve played,” said Hellmuth, before the two argued about the possibility of a $1 million heads-up match.

Hellmuth eventually called over the Aria manager, who issued Persson a verbal warning.

"The Poker Brat" apparently believed he was above the law and decided to go into character, only to be issued a verbal warning as well.

This was unchartered territory for Hellmuth.

Persson went on to win the match.

Negreanu tweeted out to Hellmuth that this was "Embarassing Phil even for you!", noting how Hellmuth had "ruthlessly berated people at the table" for decades in various poker tournaments.

The tweet came along with a screenshot of Hellmuth apparently having blocked Negreanu on Twitter.

Late Friday, Hellmuth did issue a public apology to Persson and Persson did the same.

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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