I'm a Bookie in Illinois and Need a Pay Per Head

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Tyrone Black
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Sports betting is legal in the Land of Lincoln but the opportunities for independent bookmakers in Illinois are endless.  Pay Per Head software solutions are available to those bookies residing in Illinois.

Can I Operate a Successful Bookie Business in Illinois Using a Pay Per Head?

With so many top nationally recognized sportsbook brands operating in the state of Illinois, you might ask yourself, how can I possibly compete?

The constant barrage of DraftKings and FanDuel ads is actually a good thing for you!

Local Bookies Take Bets on College Sports, The In-State Apps Do Not - Illinois is a "No Betting on In-State Schools" state.  This means that residents and visitors looking to place bets on the Fighting Illini or games that feature them are plum out of luck.  This provides local bookies with a tremendous advantage.  While it's true Illinois is no Alabama when it comes to College Football, or Michigan for that matter, state lawmakers realized the likely revenue losses during the College Basketball season.  Illinois has had a few schools go deep into tournament play over the years.  The Loyola Ramblers and 102 year-old Sister Jean have become a national icon.

Ease of Opening an Account - You would think that having sports betting legal and regulated in the state would translate into ease in registering an account from your home.  It is NOT.  Illinois requires in-person registration at desigated casinos that may be out of the way for many.  Through the Pay Per Head solution, bookies can offer a customized website and have players set up in a matter of minutes.  Customers can simply log on with their user name and password. 

Anonymity - While we certainly encourage you to pay your taxes, who wants your sportsbook sending the IRS a breakdown of your winnings?  That's exactly what happens once you crack a certain number.  Local bookies all keep it on the down low.  Anonymity is also important when your spouse comes after you in divorce court.

18 and Up - Local bookies have a foothold on most college campuses throughout the US and Illinois is no exception.  The local independent bookmakers generally allow those 18 and up to open accounts whereas the regulated Illinois books require customers to be at least 21. 

More Betting Opportunities - Pay Per Heads offer betting on politics, entertainment, college player props, even the Little League World Series.  These are just some of the offerings from a Pay Per Head sportsbook solution not available at state-licensed sportsbooks.

What Does RealBookies Offer

RealBookies is renowned for its offerings that include the following:

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You can learn so much more here.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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