Need Pay Per Head Bookie Agent Software - New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, St. Charles Parish

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Aaron Goldstein
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Bookies and agents residing in and around New Orleans, Louisiana can use the Pay Per Head software with a trial period of 6 weeks.

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The city of New Orleans is home to the Saints NFL franchise.  Needless-to-say, the amount of Saints fans here are plentiful.

Bookies in and around New Orleans will be struggling in 2019 without the utilization of a Pay Per Head that can help reduce losses by offering an online casino, horse racing and live in-play (all big house favorites in terms of revenue generated).  An independent bookie will have to otherwise rely on the Saints and Tigers failed covers, something that is not happening on a regular basis.

Books in this region could also benefit from Mississippi State having a terrible season Against The Spread (2-6).  St. Charles Parish has around 16% Bulldogs fans. 

The Pay Per Head company allows one to offer betting on credit as well as anonymous accounts. offers its services at just $10 per player per week.

Economics in New Orleans, LA
Population     376,738
Median Age     35
Median Household Income     $36,792
Median Home Price     $192,400

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