Nats Payout Odds to Win World Series as High as $50K on $1K Bet

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C Costigan
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Some lucky sap (or saps) may have the chance to win big with the Washington Nationals should they go on to win their first ever World Series.  Sportsbooks were, at one time, offering the Nats as high as 50/1 odds of winning the 2019 World Series.

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It's not quite the underdog story of the St. Louis Blues, but the Nationals have overcome some long odds to reach the World Series this season.
On May 23, the Nats had just been swept by New York in a 4-game series and dropped to 19-31 on the season. The next day, according to records provided by, Washington's odds to win the World Series were 50/1.
Here is a timeline of the Nationals' World Series odds throughout the season:
March 19 (Preseason) - 20/1
April 19 - 25/1
May 24 - 50/1
June 15 - 40/1
July 15 - 30/1
August 1 (All-Star Break) - 22/1
September 3 - 16/1
Before Postseason - 14/1
After Wild Card - 10/1
The Nats are just the fourth team in baseball history to reach the World Series after being at least 12 games under .500 during the regular season.
The Astros had 7/1 Series odds before the season started, and never had worse than 5/1 odds from the All-Star Break on.
Additional intriguing prop bets as well as odds for Series MVP can be found here:
Game 1 odds
Nationals +175
Astros -185
Over/Under 6.5
World Series odds
Nationals +190
Astros -220

Series Outcome
Astros in 4  (7/1)
Astros in 5  (5/1)
Astros in 6  (7/2)
Astros in 7  (9/2)
Nationals in 4  (16/1)
Nationals in 5  (9/1)
Nationals in 6  (8/1)
Nationals in 7  (7/1)
Will the Series go to 7 games?
Yes +210
No -250
Will either team sweep the Series?
Yes +600
No -800
Series Run Spread
Nationals +5.5 runs
Astros -5.5 runs
Series Run Total
Over 50.5 runs
Under 50.5 runs

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