NHL Down to Six Hub City Options

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Dan Shapiro
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The NHL has narrowed its list of two hub cities down to six for the resumption of the 2020 season, one for the East and one for the West.  Hockey has been halted due to the coronavirus.

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Las Vegas is now considered the U.S. favorite to host NHL playoff games, unless two Canadian cities are selected. Canada's federal government said last week that it would allow the league to quarantine internally, making Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton realistic possibilities -- if not the front-runners.

The NHL has said it will select two hub cities -- one for the Eastern Conference playoffs and one for the Western Conference. The Stanley Cup Final or "final four" would likely be in one of the two cities.

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Odds To Win 2020 NHL Stanley Cup (TBA)
Team American Fractional Decimal
Boston Bruins +650 13/2 7.5
Tampa Bay Lightning +650 13/2 7.5
Colorado Avalanche +800 8/1 9
Vegas Golden Knights +800 8/1 9.0
Washington Capitals +900 9/1 10.0
Philadelphia Flyers +1000 10/1 11.0
St. Louis Blues +1100 11/1 12.0
Dallas Stars +1500 15/1 16.0
Pittsburgh Penguins +1600 16/1 17.0
Edmonton Oilers +2300 23/1 24.0
Toronto Maple Leafs +2900 29/1 30.0
Calgary Flames +3500 35/1 36.0
Vancouver Canucks +3500 35/1 36.0
Nashville Predators +4000 40/1 41.0
Arizona Coyotes +4300 43/1 44.0
Carolina Hurricanes +4300 43/1 44.0
Minnesota Wild +4300 43/1 44.0
New York Islanders +4300 43/1 44.0
New York Rangers +4300 43/1 44.0
Florida Panthers +5500 55/1 56.0
Winnipeg Jets +5500 55/1 56.0
Columbus Blue Jackets +6500 65/1 66.0
Montreal Canadiens +7000 70/1 71.0
Chicago Blackhawks +7500 75/1 76.0

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