The NFL Win Total Bets That Are Heating Up In Your Bookie's Sportsbook

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NFL training camps start this month. Online bookies have already begun to promote NFL betting season. One of the biggest promotions during the NFL Preseason is individual win totals.

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Now, check out the top 4 NFL teams bookies are promoting over/under game totals for.

The NFL Win Total Bets That Are Heating In Your Bookie's Sportsbook

Green Bay Packers – Over 10, -110 vs Under 10, -120

The Packers are the hottest team in Super Bowl futures. They’re scorching to win Super Bowl 53 even though they play in the same division, the NFC North, as the Minnesota Vikings. Bookies are pouncing on the Packers’ hot factor by promoting their game totals wager.

Houston Texans – Over 8.5, -155 vs Under 8.5, +125

The Houston Texans have a lot going for them. The main thing going for them is a healthy DeShaun Watson, arguably the most electrifying young quarterback in the NFL.

Ah, but here’s the catch:  which of these 3 teams didn’t make the playoffs last season? Was it Houston? Was it the Tennessee Titans? Was it the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Yep. The Texans didn’t make the playoffs while the Titans and Jags did. That means Houston must beat a couple of playoff teams in their division.

So much money has gone to over the total that many bookmakers take the chance that more money goes over the total and Houston doesn’t deliver. That could be big profits for them.

New Orleans Saints – Over 9.5, -125 vs Under 9.5, -105

The Saints play in the best division in football, the NFC South. That’s good news for online bookies? Why?

Notice the difference in money you must lay between the over and under on Saints game totals? It’s only -20. That means, New Orleans should garner a close to even amount of money on both sides of their game total wager.

Philadelphia Eagles – Over 10.5, +105 vs Under 10.5, -135

The Eagles are the defending Super Bowl Champions. That means, promoting their game totals wager is as easy as promoting the defending Super Bowl Champions.

It also helps that Philly fans are rabid when it comes to their beloved Eagles.

On the flip side, anybody who knows a rabid Eagles fan is likely to talk themselves into betting on under the total. That makes Philadelphia’s game totals wager a win-win for online bookies.

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