NFL Betting Is Back: Use NFL Futures To Increase Action & Profit

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NFL betting is back. Most NFL teams start their training camps on July 26. From now until the first Sunday in February, most every online bookie will concentrate on NFL betting.

Right now, bookies should use NFL Futures to increase action and profit.

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NFL Futures to Promote Today

Promote these NFL Futures to increase action and profit.

Super Bowl 53 Winner

The current odds have New England a solid +400 favorite. Green Bay has taken action. So has the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Philadelphia remains a hot team to back in Super Bowl futures. As crazy as it sounds, teams like New Orleans, Minnesota, and Jacksonville offer +1600 to over +2000 odds.

That should get any player interested in betting on the Super Bowl 53 winner.


Will Tom Brady repeat as NFL MVP? Brady won the NFL MVP last season. The NFL MVP award doesn’t often go to the same player from year to year.

If Brady won’t win it, will it be Aaron Rodger? What’s up with Drew Brees in New Orleans, or Carson Wentz in Philadelphia?

Could NFL MVP voters go a different route and back a running back like Todd Gurley with the L.A. Rams?

There’s a lot of ways to go with the NFL MVP, that makes these NFL Futures quite easy to promote to bettors.

NFL Over/Under Game Totals

This is an incredibly popular bet because it requires some knowledge of how much a team will improve or digress from last season.

Also, most of the time odds on NFL over/under game totals are fair. That means future bettors see value no matter which team they choose to back.

NFL Division Winners

Some NFL Divisions are impossible to bet. New England is a huge, massive, favorite to win the AFC East Division.

Almost no online bookie will get action on the Patriots, or any other team, to win the AFC East.

However, the AFC West is wide open. So, is the AFC South and NFC South.

The NFC North might be the most wide open division in the NFL with Green Bay, Minnesota, and Detroit all claiming the right to the division.

NFL Individual Player Props

How many TD passes will Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Wentz throw? Individual player props are also great NFL futures to promote.

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