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The NBA is in full swing and it’s better than ever. This year has started off with a bang and you guessed it, the Warriors are up to their old tricks and winning ways. These guys are destined to be the team of the decade and it’s easy to see why when point guard Stephen Curry is averaging 33 points per game. Once again, this guy is unconscious with his shooting. He makes good point guards, look bad. Now is the time to claim a great NBA bonus. Don’t put this off. Pad your bankroll with some extra spending money that a fantastic bonus affords.

How to Bet On Sports – Betting Early Season NBA Games

The NBA is beatable is you play your cards right. The trick is knowing the teams and knowing what they score on the road and at home, as well as how many points they allow. You must do a little handicapping if you want to win playing the NBA. Many folks think the NBA is too difficult to win when playing the spread, this is a misnomer, don’t believe it. You can absolutely win a great deal of money playing the NBA but again, you must do your homework and you must know the teams.

It does take a great deal of time to handicap the games and if you are like most players then you probably have nowhere near the kind of time that you need. This is where you must jump on two things; handicapping websites and sports forums. Sports forums are a fantastic way to find great free picks and these guys are good., they study the game, the teams, and they hit with regularity. Handicapping websites are great as well. What they offer is professional handicappers under one roof. Most of these websites are free or they have an extended free trial. If you want to win and you love watching and betting the NBA but you are finding the going rough, then look to a great handicapping website. You will be amazed at the difference in your bottom line and what your winning totals become.

G911 - Benefits of Betting at Americas Bookie Online Sportsbook

The Warriors are taking on the Nets in Brooklyn and this one will be a high scoring barnburner. It seems that no matter how high the oddsmakers set the total, it’s not high enough. Of course you should always crunch the numbers but the over has certainly been a good bet so far this year. The Nets are a little better than last year, (it’s early) but don’t count on them to show up for this contest. No matter what the line is, the safe bet here is the Warriors and over the total. There are certainly times in the NBA when the under becomes more of a value than the over and this includes Golden State. When they are playing a bad team such as the Nets, the game will end up lopsided and it could be a blow out. This means that the bad team will not score nearly as many as the good team, leaving room for the under. This matchup will feature two teams going back and forth, however, the Warriors should cover the spread but the game should definitely go over the total. Check with your favorite online bookie for the latest lines and odds.

Have fun betting the NBA this year. Smart players make a lot of money on this sport and they are dialed in and “smart” because they get help. This is how you become a smart player; by listening to people that know more about the probable outcome of games than you yourself do. Find a great bookie that offers fantastic NBA lines and a great bonus, this year you will see a difference like never before.

Is Your Online Sportsbook Ready for the New NBA Season?

Enjoy all of the games today, including Warriors vs Nets, Jazz vs Mavericks, Suns vs Thunder and Wizards vs Clippers. Be sure to ask your bookie for an NBA bonus and one that works for you. Most players don’t like the high rollovers and that’s understandable. Ask your bookie to custome fit you with a bonus that meets your gambling needs. Find a bookie that will work with you. Most of all, have fun and win a pile betting the NBA.

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