NBA Postseason Betting Strategies & How Bookies Can Profit

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The NBA Postseason rolls along with the Golden State Warriors taking a 2-0 series lead over the Houston Rockets while other favorites have struggled some.

For bookies, this is excellent news. Pay per head agents who wish to make a profit on NBA Postseason betting must be jumping for joy after watching how underdogs like the Portland Trail Blazers tied things up with the Denver Nuggets in an impressive Game 2 win.

Although underdogs winning against the spread is usually good news for most pay per head agents, it doesn’t always translate to positive outcomes.

Underdogs can seriously cripple an agent’s online bookie business if that agent doesn’t manage moneylines, against the spread, and future book betting.

NBA Championship Odds

Check out current NBA Championship futures odds before some thoughts on sportsbook management.

  • Golden State Warriors-175
  • Houston Rockets+650
  • Toronto Raptors+700
  • Milwaukee Bucks+750
  • Boston Celtics+1400
  • Denver Nuggets+2500
  • Philadelphia 76ers+2500
  • Portland Trail Blazers+4000

Warriors Playing Like a Favorite

The Warriors odds are lower now than they were before jumping out to a 2-0 lead over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Semifinals matchup. Golden State has played like the best team in the NBA since the battle with the Rockets started.

That doesn’t mean they won’t falter.

However, right now, online bookies should set max betting limits on the Warriors the same way they should on all the other teams with chances to win the NBA Title.

If Golden State keeps this up, the -175 odds will be a gift to every Warriors’ backer on the planet.

Everyone Has A Shot Outside The Warriors

The NBA has much more parity this season in the playoffs than it has in past seasons.

The Rockets still have a chance even though they’re down 0-2 to Golden State. A few adjustments and they should manage to get right back into the series versus the Warriors.

The Raptors, Bucks, Celtics, Nuggets, 76ers, and Trail Blazers also all have chances to win the NBA Championship should the Warriors falter. Bucks-Celtics is 1-1, Nuggets-Blazers is 1-1, and Raptors-76ers is 1-2.

Online bookie agents should set max betting limits on every team to win championship rings.

Set Max Betting Limits on NBA Moneylines For Every Game

The differences in moneylines between favorites and underdogs won’t be as significant in the playoffs. That means per head agents should set max betting limits on both favorites and dogs.

A player could decide to jump all over the favored home team at -150, or even -200. Never forget that moneyline players dumped on Alabama to beat Oklahoma in the College Football Playoffs and Bama was at -13 ½.

They will most definitely dump on a team like Golden State, or Milwaukee if they feel they can get a quick score.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Use The Layoff Account On All NBA Playoff Games

It’s important to use the layoff account on all NBA Playoff games because no matter which team is overplayed in your sportsbook, that team has a chance to win and cover the spread.

Pay per head agents shouldn’t try and handicap NBA Playoff games themselves.

That’s not entirely possible. They’ll want to ensure a profit by using their layoff accounts. If they use their layoff accounts, the chances of making profit increases while if they don’t, they could actually lose money taking wagers on NBA Playoff games.

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