Monkeypox Betting Odds: Mandates, Hollywood Celebrities and Politicians Oh My

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Jagajeet Chiba
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It's here!  Monkeypox!!  And there is no escaping it.  As of Monday, it's the hottest story on Drudge and pretty much everywhere else.  This means it cannot escape the oddsmakers.  And it won't. 


Early Monkeypox Odds

Next Vax Push

Monkeypox vax required to enter US by December 31, 2022?

YES 8-1

NO -1000

Monkeypox mask mandate on planes issued before December 31, 2022

YES 15-1

NO -2000

Will a Hollywood Celebrity or Politician Contract Monkeypox Before July 31, 2022

Yes -1000

No 7-1

Florida has detected its first case of monkeypox, and we are running for our lives.

There are reports it is spreading through gay and bi sex.  Dr. John Brooks, a CDC official, emphasized that anyone can contract monkeypox through close personal contact regardless of sexual orientation.  So basically you can catch it in an elevator.

Brooks did clarify that many of the people affected globally so far are men who identify as gay or bisexual.

And while those with the smallpox vaccine may feel like superheroes right about now (smallpox and monkeypox are related), we are now learning that the smallpox vaccine might only be effective for up to five years.  This is for those of us born before 1974.

*All odds courtesy of Gambing911 with actually betting considered by BetOnline

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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