Miss Puerto Rico Payout Odds to Win 2021 Miss Universe: Michelle Marie Colón Reveals Great Grandfather Survived Holocaust

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Jordan Bach
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This year's Miss Universe Pageant is looking as if it may be one of the most wagered on in recent memory.  Miss Puerto Rico is among the favorites with payout odds coming in at $40 on every $10 bet.  BetOnline is the official Miss Universe 2021 betting partner of Gambling911.com and offers a generous welcome bonus (max bonus $1000)

This year's Miss Puerto Rico is one Michelle Marie Colón.   She has the second shortest odds of any contest except Miss India.


Colón, 21, is a pre-med biology major who hopes to become a dermatologist.

While in Israel for the competition, Colon surprises fellow contestants and Holocaust museum officials in revealing her heritage during visit to Yad Vashem.  Her great grandfather was a survivor of the Holocaust.

“My great grandfather, Rodolfo Cohn, was a survivor of the Holocaust,” Colon wrote. “He moved to the Caribbean and met Dorila Thomas, my great grandmother; an empowered Afro-Caribbean woman — descendant of slaves — who was the administrator of a farm at the time. Together, they formed a solid family full of love, built upon empathy and resilience.”

She added: “I came here to Israel knowing that I would be more connected to my family because my [great] grandfather actually escaped from the Holocaust and all of his other family members, his sisters, his brothers, even their daughters — four daughters — were killed in the concentration camps, especially in Auschwitz."

The Miss Universe pageant began in 1952 and since then Puerto Rico has had 21 representatives classify in the finals, including 5 winners, 8 runners-up, 6 finalists and 2 semi-finalists. With 5 wins, Puerto Rico is the third country with the most wins behind USA (8 wins) and Venezuela (7 wins).

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