Attendees Hospitalized Following Miami Bitcoin Conference

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Jagajeet Chiba
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More of those who attended last weekend's Miami Bitcoin Conference have come forward to tell their stories of falling ill, some confirming they tested positive for Covid-19.  The organizers point to the fact that vaccinations have been widely available in the United States.  According to CoinDesk, most respondents to their inquiries indicated that they had gone to Miami fully vaccinated. 


Cryptocurrency podcaster Natalie Brunell tweeted a photo of herself in the hospital one week after attending the Miami Bitcoin conference.  She writes "Went to the hospital feeling like a truck hit me". 

Brunell, who was visiting Miami to attend the conference, apparently fell ill prior to her departure.  She has yet to confirm whether her hospitalization was due to Covid.

Crypto investor Eric Wall tweeted (before deleting) Thursday that he had “Just tested positive for COVID” and shared a photo of himself in an ambulance or hospital attached to medical equipment.

“Looks like I’m joining the BTC Miami covid list,” tweeted Luke Martin, host of the Profit Maximalist Podcast. “It turns out that attending packed events to discuss number-go-up technology does increase the chance of getting sick.” Martin also deleted his initial tweets about contracting COVID-19 at the conference.

At least 12,000 people attended the event.  Videos emerged from the conference showing attendees in packed settings mostly maskless.

“Post-COVID, this is the largest conference that has ever happened,” said Brock Pierce with the National Bitcoin Foundation, on June 3.

In a statement, City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said the city is in constant communication with health authorities.

He also wrote, “Based on public data from hospitals and other watchdogs, we have no reason to believe the conference was a ‘super spreader.'”

Suarez was a big supporter of the event coming to the Magic City.

“In Miami, we’re in pursuit of becoming what I call, ‘The capital of capital,'” he said.

Crypto trader Kaleo says he tested positive for Covid but for him it felt like a bad cold.  His girlfriend attended the conference as well.  She was vaccinated and did not test positive for the virus.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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