MGM Wants to Sue Vegas Shooting Victims?

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The corporate owners of the Mandalay Bay casino filed suit against some one thousand victims of last year’s Las Vegas concert mass shooting, claiming it has no liability for the massacre.

Conservative radio host and a contributor to the Gambling911.com website Wayne Allyn Root tweeted out Tuesday:

MGM has lost it's freaking mind. CEO Jim Murren & every exec involved in clueless, brainless decision must be fired. Optics of this are like killing victims SECOND time. No CEO w/brain would go along w/lawyers. U just destroyed brand of your own company.

MGM Resorts International went to federal courts in Nevada and California insisting the claims against them “must be dismissed.”

“Plaintiffs have no liability of any kind to defendants,” the complaints argue, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The MGM lawsuits are a “blatant display of judge shopping” that “quite frankly verges on unethical,” according to Las Vegas lawyer Robert Eglet, who is representing some of the victims.

“I’ve never seen a more outrageous thing, where they sue the victims in an effort to find a judge they like,” the lawyer continued. “It’s just really sad that they would stoop to this level.”

An MGM spokeswoman said Monday of the company’s lawsuits: “The Federal Court is an appropriate venue for these cases and provides those affected with the opportunity for a timely resolution. Years of drawn out litigation and hearings are not in the best interest of victims, the community and those still healing.”

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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