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Live dealer online casinos for baccarat are growing increasingly popular, especially as the games continue to evolve, and maybe more so as our handheld options expands.   Heading into 2023 we fully anticipate a wealth of new technology to make the playing experience all the more rewarding.

Many of today's live dealer casinos offer competitive bonuses or, like our friends in Finland like to say, casino bonukset.

Speaking of which, Finns are especially fond of their online casino games, including American roulette, craps, punto banco (which is a form of baccarat with 19-20 payout odds) and blackjack.  Don't laugh at the irony of American roulette being popular in Finland.  Netflix just taught us all that Britney Spears and NSYNC came to us courtesy of their neighbor, Sweden. Who knew, right?

Well, Finland it turns out is a great exporter as well.  Some of the greatest poker players have emerged from Finland, the likes of Patrik Antonius for example.  There was a whole documentary series a few years back dedicated exclusively to Finnish poker pros.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% of Finns gamble on a weekly basis, probably more so online during the cold winter months.  What else is there to do? The gambling market encompassing land-based and online in Finland is worth close to EUR 2.2 billion.  It would be more if the nation weren't so protectionist in its stance on web casino gambling over the last two decades. Then again, a lot of that money would be lost to foreigners we suppose.  Foreign operators have long been prohibited from advertising here.

That EUR 2.2 billion figure is interesting too being that two of Finland's more popular land-based casinos donate most of their revenue to charity.


A Review of Just How Good Live Dealer Baccarat Really is

Improvements in smartphone functionality have seen more and more providers and online casinos adding live baccarat to their line-up. It’s safe to say that the game is gaining a lot of momentum.  It's one of the most popular games played in a number of Asian countries.  Baccarat overall offers some of the better odds compared to a number of other casino games.

A little fun, and some sad, history.  Back in the day, our dear late friend Adam Anhang was well ahead of his time in the development of live dealer casino play.  The platform was amazing when you were as rich as Adam and owned an entire resort.  Us mere mortals were lucky enough to have been upgraded to DSL from dial-up back in those days.  Adam ran the early Dr. Ho live dealer onlilne casino.

A friend was introduced to help him to sell the product.  She was a top sales person in her specialty field outside of gamlbing but lived deep in the boonies. Therein lied the problem.  Her internet was so shoddy she was lucky enough to gain access to a site like  No way was she able to load Adam's early live dealer casino from her location.

Long story short, our friend would go on to curse Adam out.  She could no longer work for him.  A year later, just by coincidence, their paths crossed in a completely different realm and the two became best of friends.  It was she who would deliver the tragic news to us of Adam's brutal murder at the hands of his depraved wife.

Today we know that Adam would be so proud of what was practically his invention.  Those in Finland have little to worry about when it comes to inability to load the live dealer platforms.  Finland is now among the top nation's in the world when it comes to 5G and Data Consumption.  It's been a much slower rollout here in the States.

For Finns, it's all about finding an online casino website with the best odds, bonuses and quality of the immersive experience.

The realism of these types of web casinos are amazing, right down to masked dealers during the global pandemic.


3 Variations of Live Dealer Baccarat

We have already discussed Punto Banco.  There are two other popular variations of baccarat.  And for each, there is a live dealer app for that.

Baccarat Squeeze

This is the game where the dealer slowly turning up the edges to give you a sneak peak of what the card will be. If the wagers are equal for both hands, the dealer will squeeze both of them.

Chemin de Fer

Meaning railroad in French, lets the punters take turns being the banker. The shoe moves clockwise around the table as players bet amongst themselves.

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