Latest Sports Betting News: ESPN Caesars Marriage, Iowa Bill Signed, More

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Aaron Goldstein
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In the fast changing world of sports betting, more media outlets are coming out of the woodwork to join forces with gambling ventures.  Last week it was PokerStars parent company The Stars Group and Fox Sports.  Now comes word of a partnership between ESPN and Caesars.

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In addition, the deal will also include the integration of data and branding from Caesar into programming from ESPN.  According to sports betting news outlets, the integration will be done within the coming weeks.

FOX Bet will have a similar arrangement with The Stars Group, only they plan to start taking wagers as early as this summer in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Iowa Sports Betting Bill

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed a bill into law that establishes a legal way to bet on professional, collegiate and international sporting events.

The new law excludes betting on some events, including minor leagues and in-state college team players.  This includes two high profile teams in both football and basketball: The Hawkeyes and Cylones.  Read More Here

Sports betting is limited to those 21 and older.  Read More Here

Uneven First Year is Only the Start for Sports Betting

In the past year the sports-betting landscape has evolved, for better or worse, in many ways. This still is really just the beginning.

“It was a fast year. We were in the mix of it all,” William Hill sportsbook director Nick Bogdanovich said. “We got sports betting out to the masses who never had a shot at it. It has created some jobs and created some tax revenue. Obviously, there are some growing pains, but all in all it’s a major positive.

“Obviously, the big boys and the big states — California, New York, Ohio, Texas — have not piled on yet." Read More Here

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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Draftkings Suspends Baseball Writer Jonah Keri Following Arrest

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