Ayre Predicts Mistrial in Kleiman-Wright Case

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Jagajeet Chiba
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CoinGeek founder and supporter of the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) protocol, Calvin Ayre, predicted a mistrial in the case involving Ira Kleiman and Dr. Craig Satoshi.  Ayre made his bold prediction Thursday night and is convinced a mistrial will be declared as early on Friday. 

Some in the cryptocurrency space wrongly predicted this case would be decided before Thankgiving Day.  It's now December!  The few detractors remaining that continue to troll Coingeek's tireless trial reporter Kurt Wuckert Jr. spend the other 90% of their time pushing anti-vaccine narratives and Covid conspiracies.  That train left the station months ago.

A Miami jury was expected to determine the legal owner of nearly $69 billion in Bitcoin as well as the legal identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin white paper. Ira Kleiman's is the brother of a man Wright claims worked with him on the creation of Bitcoin. Dave Kleiman passed away in 2014.

On Wednesday, Judge Beth Bloom issued an Allen charge in the hopes it might secure a verdict after the jury notified her they were deadlocked.  This is only a temporary remedy however.  An Allen charge is additional instructions given by the judge to a deadlocked jury to encourage the minority to reach an agreement.

Ayre doesn't see the jury coming to a consensus.

"I predict mistrial tomorrow," Ayre tells Gambling911.com. "Plaintiff could not meet the burdon of proving their case because only Craig is Satoshi and this is what came out in court."

He added: "This trial is over...I do not see a retrial...next up COPA. Craig wins all his cases like I promissed."

Kurt's update appears here.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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