Ira Kleiman Denied a New Trial in Bitcoin Craig "Satoshi" Wright Case

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:

Ira Kleiman’s request for a new trial following last December’s near-total defeat against Dr. Craig Wright has been rejected by Judge Beth Bloom.

Kleiman had claimed that his late brother was a partner in the creation of Bitcoin.  A Miami jury found otherwise and denied Kleiman's estate a piece of the multi-billion-dollar Satoshi fortune.

They determined that Wright was the sole force behind the Satoshi Nakamoto partnership.

Wright is currently backing Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, also known as the BSV Blockchain, for which he claims operates as his creation was intended.

"I feel completely vindicated," Wright said in a statement immediately following the verdict late last year  "My original invention is coming back."

Kleiman claimed that the defence violated certain pre-trial orders over the course of the trial, necessitating a new one.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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