Trial of the Century: Dr. Craig Wright Says Starting Bitcoin "Basically Ended My Marriage"

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Aaron Goldstein
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The Ira Kleiman vs Dr. Craig S. Wright trial adjourned early Wednesday and the Court will not be in session Thursday for Veteran's Day.  A Miami jury is ultimately tasked with determining the legal identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin white paper and the legal owner of nearly $69 billion in Bitcoin.  Whomever gets that $69 billion in Bitcoin will automatically become one of the twenty richest men in the world.


Dr. Wright continued his testimony Wednesday, bringing his relationship with the late Dave Kleiman (Ira's brother) better into focus.  

Wright described the relationship between himself and Dave Kleiman, including the role Dave played in his decision to embark upon the Bitcoin project—against the wishes of his own wife at the time.

“Dave Kleiman was important to me,” Dr. Wright told Vel Freedman under examination today, in tears.

“I failed my first marriage and wanted Dave remembered. Dave talked me into Bitcoin and it basically ended my marriage.”

Jordan Atkins of CoinGeek writes:

Dr. Wright, who had been remarkably composed as opposing counsel barraged him with questions on the stand for almost two days now, appeared to struggle when his best friend came up.

Wright further testified:

“I believe that Dave was essential for me because, without Dave, I would not have survived. I talked to Dave three, four times a week, so Dave was essential because I would not have kept my sanity without Dave. Dave was my best friend and without Dave there to talk to literally I would have just quit earlier.”

Court is back in session next Monday.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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