Keep Your Players Happy as a Bookie

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C Costigan
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As a bookie, the most important thing to always be working towards is keeping your players happy.

It’s not easy building a player list. You’ll spend countless hours and cash on marketing to build up your player list. You don’t want to lose players because they aren’t happy with your service.

If you’re constantly losing players, you’re never going to grow your bookie. In order to grow you need to not only find new players to build your player list, but keep your current players happy.

You need to find a pay per head that can satisfy their clients needs. If you join an unreputable PPH service, it’ll be difficult to keep your players happy because of the constant problems that arise.

How to Keep Your Players Happy

Some of these tips are solely in your control. However, some of the ways to keep your players happy are reliant on you joining a PPH service that’ll be able to meet the requirements listed below.

      Bonuses/Promotions: Everyone loves a bonus or promotion. Make sure you run these offers at an opportune time, such as prior to the start of the NFL season.

      Reliability: You need to ensure your website is accessible 24/7 with very minimal downtime, which falls on your PPH provider, as they’ll be the one hosting your website on their servers.

      Betting Selection: The more betting options you offer your players, the less likely they’ll be disappointed. Of course, you can’t offer odds on everything, especially small events.

      Stay in Touch: While you’re growing, it’s not difficult to stay in touch with every single player you have betting with you. You’d be surprised how far a simple email/text goes.

      Fast Payouts: You need to be consistent with payouts to keep your players happy. Nothing is more harmful to your reputation than being labelled as a slow paying sportsbook.

It’s really not difficult to keep your players happy. From time to time, you’re likely going to run into a few situations with players that are out of your control, but that’s part of the business.

As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. Regardless of how hard you try, you’re never going to please everyone. Do your best to keep the majority of your players happy and you’ll thrive.

It’s as simple as staying in touch with your players and offering them some perks every so often.

For example, several bookies we work with offer gamblers insurance. Basically, a losing player can claim gamblers insurance at the end of the month and receive a percentage of their losses back.

The percentage is typically 5%-10% only, but it’s a small gesture that’ll keep your players happy and coming back to you, as they’ll feel valued when these types of promotions are offered.

One thing’s certain, if you’re unable to keep your players happy, you won’t be in business long. As a bookie a big part of your job is dealing with people daily and solving their problems.

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