Jury Fails to Come to Decision in Kleiman Wright Trial of the Century

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C Costigan
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Jurors told the judge in the case of Ira Kleiman vs. Craig Wright that they were deadlocked.  The judge issued an Allen charge, which requires them to now deliberate until they have a decision.


An Allen Charge is an instruction given by a court to a deadlocked jury to encourage it to continue deliberating until it reaches a verdict.

The Miami jury is set to deliver verdicts on seven charges.  In additon they are likely to determine the legal owner of nearly $69 billion in Bitcoin as well as the legal identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin white paper.  Ira Kleiman's is the brother of a man Wright claims worked with him on the creation of Bitcoin.  Dave Kleiman passed away in 2014. 

This story is developing.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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