John McAfee’s Life as an NFT on the BSV Blockchain

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Aaron Goldstein
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The colorful and controversial late British-American computer programmer, businessman, and two-time presidential candidate, John McAfee, lives on as none other than an NFT.

In his later years, McAfee was heavily invested in the world of cryptocurrencies. More specifically, he moved his MGT Capital Investments into the mining of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, both to make money for the company, and to increase MGT's expertise in dealing with blockchains, something he believed was critical for cybersecurity.

This week we learn that author Mark Eglinton and BSV publishing platform Canonic are looking to promote titles using NFTs. Their first example is none other than Eglinton’s latest book “No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes“.  It is a biographical look at the larger than life McAfee taken from hours of taped interviews, promising “an exhilarating and uncensored account of the maverick tech titan’s wild life, a breakneck journey from Silicon Valley to his sudden, mysterious death in a Barcelona prison.”

Whether John McAfee himself was an anti-authoritarian hero, Bitcoin-scammer, or teller of tall tales (or all of the above) may depend on where you find yourself in the Bitcoin and blockchain world, Jon Southurst of CoinGeek suggests. 

Even those in McAfee’s circles were never quite sure, including Eglinton himself. However, whatever your take on McAfee’s character, his life before and after “crypto” was undoubtedly a wild ride, and its story makes a fascinating read.

Don't be scared of the $350.00 either.  Books are a dime a dozen, we know, but here we are talking about an NFT.

This one provides you a piece of Bitcoin history, the first Bitcoin book NFT in the world that will become a documentary from the acclaimed director Amanda Millius.

It includes:

  • A collectible hardcover with exclusive holographic design signed by author Mark Eglinton
  • A digital edition of the book
  • Access to a private Discord chat for token holders managed by the author with Amanda Millius* Access to exclusive content from the making of the documentary
  • Other extras at the discretion of the author and director

McAfee back in the day had also touched upon the dark side of online casinos and how cybercriminals would routinely use online gambling to launder money made from illegal activities.

The BSV Blockchain, in particular, welcomes regulation and has been pushing for transparancy especially as it relates to online gaming.

A multi-billion dollar a year industry the gambling and iGaming space is plagued with a plethora of issues: from data protection, digital security and high transaction fees, not to mention the potential for dark money to enter the ecosystem without proper safeguards in place.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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