Turning on Trump: Joe Rogan Calls Former President "Man Baby"

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Gilbert Horowitz
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As a further indication that former U.S. President Donald Trump's stranglehold on the GOP may be eroding, popular right leaning podcaster Joe Rogan referred to Trump as a "man baby" on his Monday podcast.  Previous attacks on the one-time POTUS would often result in an exodus of followers...for the individual making the attack.

Shock jock Howard Stern has been hating on Trump for some time now and there is no shortage of MAGA folks attacking Stern since (not that it's hurt his ratings).

Trump was still a very precarious 3-1 favorite ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (+325) to be the next U.S. President in 2024.

Rogan also claimed that Trump's outsized energy derives from Adderall.

Rogan is estimated to have 11 million listeners per episode of his podcast, which is half that who watched the first installment of the January 6 Committee hearings on the U.S. Capitol attack. 

Odds on this coming Thursday's primetime hearings (July 21) have yet to be released, but should be soon.

Rogan and Trump have been feuding over the past few weeks, but this takes things to another level.


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