Jeopardy Champ James Holzhauer: 'I Majored in Online Poker'

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:

When asked on Monday night's episode of Jeopardy where he got his smarts, professional sports bettor James Holzhauer joked he attended the University of Illinois "where I majored in online poker".  $89229 was his winnings Monday night alone.

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The 34-year-old Holzhauer admitted he didn't attend many of his classes.  In reality he did finish with a a bachelor's degree in mathematics[

Again Monday night the sixth highest-earning American game show contestant of all time continued to roll over his fellow Jeopardy contestants, including a professor.

Holzhauer, who has been on a two-week hiatus during Jeopardy's Teacher's Tournament, is the second-highest overall winning Jeopardy! contestant (behind Ken Jennings), and the second Jeopardy! millionaire in regular game (non-tournament) winnings, behind only Jennings ($2,522,700 in 75 episodes in 2004).

- Jordan Bach,

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