Is This a Good Time to Start a Sportsbook in North Carolina?

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Dan Shapiro
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This is a great time to start a sportsbook in the state of North Carolina, and it is super easy with the help of a Pay Per Head solution.

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Current Sports Betting Climate in NC

The US Supreme Court ruled to allow sports betting nationwide but individual states will determine whether they want to operate in-state sportsbooks or not.

North Carolina has embraced sports betting to a degree.  Only the Cherokee reservation's two casinos will be able to offer it, nothing online either.   A bill passed both the House and Senate and is just awaiting signature from the Governor. 

Governor Roy Cooper has 30 days in his hands to sign the bill. If he chooses to sign the bill neither nor veto it, it will fall under the law by default.

The casinos are not strategically placed.  The nearest urban center, if you can call it that, is Asheville, North Carolina, an hour away.

Why This is Good for Bookies and Agents

  • Bookmakers at this time have limited competition but have the added advantage of increased mainstream exposure of sports betting.
  • Those living in North Caronlina will be tempted to visit the Cherokee casinos but they are not convenient.  These individuals will have the sports betting bugs and will be in need of a local.
  • Bookmakers in the state can offer online betting (something the in-state casino sportsbooks will not have as an option).  Bookies and agents can also offer live in-play wagering.  All of this is available through a Pay Per Head, which manages everything on the bookmaker and/or agents behalf and only charges a small weekly fee per player.
  • Bookies in this state have the added advantage of enjoying significant cash flow through the college basketball season as this state lives and breathes that sport.

How a Pay Per Head Works

The Pay Per Head provides a custom website, access to all reports, 24/7 customer support either online or via the phone or both, live in-play wagering, and often times even a live dealer online casino and racebook. has been offering its services as low as $7 per head (per ACTIVE customer) per week with the first four weeks free.  These specials are always being updated.  Check for current deals here

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Current Team Betting Outlook

These teams, from top to bottom, are expected to have the best odds to win a championship in their respective sport (2019-20):

Duke (college basketball) 9/1

North Carolina Tar Heels (college basketball) - 14/1

Carolina Hurricanes (NHL) - 33/1

Carolina Panthers (NFL) - 50/1


- Aaron Goldstein,

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