Is This a Good Time to Start a Sportsbook From Illinois?

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Aaron Goldstein
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For bookies and agents in the state of Illinois, it is a good time to start a sportsbook using a powerful Pay Per Head software platform.

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Current Sports Betting Climate in Illinois

The US Supreme Court ruled to allow sports betting nationwide but individual states will determine whether they want to operate in-state sportsbooks or not.

The Illinois state legislature passed a bill allowing for both physical sportsbooks and online sports betting in spring 2019.

Why This is Good for Bookies and Agents

  • Bookmakers have the ability to extend credit to players, something the Illinois-based sportsbooks will not permit.
  • Gambling expansion in the state will result in heavy advertising, promotions and news stories, thus creating a favorable environment for local bookies.  Not everyone will want to provide their personal information to licensed operators and still others will want to bet on credit. 
  • For the first two years, those who want to bet sports will need to register in person at designated venues.  They will be unable to do so remotely or online. 
  • Draftkings and FanDuel will not be allowed in the state for the first two years.  Both companies have had some success siphoning away customers from regional bookmakers in the state of New Jersey due to their competitive platforms.  It remains to be seen whether other betting sites will be able to compete with local bookies in Illinois, especially with the high licensing fees, highest in the nation in fact. 
  • The high licensing fees can almost guarantee winning gamblers will have their limits reduced sharply while bet offerings and lines will likely be less attractive.  Local bookies and agents do have the ability to offer more enticing promos to join.
  • Arrests of bookmakers does not happen often in the state.  In fact, the last documented arrest was 2014 when the evidence pretty much landed on police laps.
  • Those looking to place wagers on Illinois state colleges will be out of luck with the in-state licensed sportsbooks.  Bets on Northwestern in college basketball will likely be plentiful.  Those wagering from the state will need somewhere to make these bets. Enter the local bookmaker.
  • In-state sportsbooks require customers to be 21 years of age or older.  This provides local bookmakers with the opportunity to reel in college age individuals ahead of the licensed betting companies.

How a Pay Per Head Works

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Current Team Betting Outlook

The Bears have the 5th shortest odds of winning the Super Bowl at 14/1.

The Cubs have the 5th shortest odds of winning the World Series at 12/1.

The Blackhawks had 33/1 odds of winning the Stanley Cup in 2020.

The Northwestern Wildcats and Chicago Bulls each have long odds to win the Championship in college basketball and the NBA, Respectively.


- Aaron Goldstein,

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