Is It Wise to Start a Bookie Business in the State of Illinois Now That There is Regulation?

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Aaron Goldstein
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Local bookmakers in the state of Illinois will survive in the wake of a law passing that permits sports betting even at venues such as Wrigley Field.  It's easy to get started with proprietary Pay Per Head software.

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Why There is Still a Use for Local Bookies in Illinois

Anonymity - Sports bettors want to have credit extended to them.  They don't want to fund their accounts up front and they don't want big name firms having all their personal information.

We had one bookmaker offer his take on a major rationale for not wanting their information made public to organizations.

"Imagine a few years from now your marriage is falling apart," this bookie said.  "Your wife can simply demonstrate how much money you had placing bets throughout the years if there is every a question about your income."

Offerings - Bookies in Illinois will still take bets on the state college teams including the Illini and Northwestern.  The regulated sportsbooks will be prohibited from taking bets on these schools.

It's not immediately clear if there are going to be some limitations on what other bets these regulated sportsbooks can offer.

Limits - Early indications are that the books operating from Illinois will be quick to boot winners.  Just ask all the pros who have been shut out of the New Jersey regulated sportsbooks.  But we're not just talking about pros here.  There have been instances of regular Joe's going on a run and getting banned even by placing small wagers.

Bookies in Illinois will have at their fingertips software that allows for a customized website, live reports, in-play wagering, horse betting and even an online casino

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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