Is Being a Bookie Illegal?

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Being a bookie just means that you are someone that is accepting wagers and bets on various sporting events.


If the player makes a winning wager then you as the bookie would need to pay this player what they won, and if the player made a losing wager then the player would need to pay the bookie what he lost.

Now whether it is legal or not to be a bookie will first depend on where you are located. Many places in Europe and now various States in the United States are legal to book action on sports. However each state and country does have their own specific laws regarding being a bookie, so it is definitely smart to contact your local attorney to see exactly what the laws are in regards to booking bets in your exact location.

If you are in a state or country that it is legal to book action then the easiest and most efficient way to do it would be to get set up with a pay per head company. A pay per head company is a service that provides bookies with an all-inclusive ready to use website that has thousands of sports betting options to bet on each day, with lines that are managed and updated up to the second in real time by the pay per head provider.

These companies do all the technical work for the bookies and grade all games that automatically get updated into the account as soon as each day ends. You as the agent basically do not even need to know the ins and outs of sports betting because the professionals at these companies are the ones that take care of all that.

The best part is that the cost of this is a very minimal $10 per active player a week, which means you only pay a fee if your player actually plays that week. Then whatever the player wins or loses is handled directly with the agent and the player. Considering that sports betting is a multi-billion dollar a year business and over the long term everyone loses, the potential money you as a bookie can make from this is truly unlimited. In addition, these providers such as also offer a virtual casino and horse racing as well for any bettors that are interested in betting on that as well.

So all you actually need to do if you want to be a successful bookie is to just acquire clients that want to bet with you. This is fun and easy and you can start by reaching out to all family, friends, co-workers, old acquaintances and anyone on your social media networks. The more people that you get then the more money you are going to make, it is as simple as that. People have been betting since the beginning of time, and everyone loves the idea of the opportunity to make money without doing any work, but the reality is that it is extremely difficult to be a long term winning bettor, which means it is very profitable to be a bookmaker. So get started now.

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