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Tony Caliente
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In May 2018, the US Supreme Court abolished decades of prohibition as it pertains to sports betting in the States.  Iowa is one of the states considering licensing sportsbooks.  Don't worry bookies, your services will still be in great demand.

In Iowa, turnkey sportsbook solutions are readily available.  While bookies will continue to operate in Iowa and elsewhere, the days of taking bets without any type of support platform are no longer, especially with live in-play wagering so popular now. 

Turnkey sportsbook solutions offer everything from lines on all major sports (and a few obscure one's), 24/7 support, live in-play betting, data and report generation, custom website and URL, mobile compatibilty, and a wide range of banking methods (even Bitcoin).  Some even offer an online casino.

If Sports Betting is Legal in Iowa, Won't the Bookies Go the Way of the Dinosaur?

No.  Especially when one realizes that most of the states that now legalize sports betting have done so on a limited basis.  Only New Jersey to date has launched full service sports betting, and even they have limits (i.e. age requirements, no betting on local college teams, reduced limits and booting winners).  Other states like Mississippi do not offer online sports betting outside of the casino establishment itself.  West Virginia launched such an inferior product that one of the casinos is now suing the provider.  Rhode Island does not offer parlay betting. 

The smallest state in the union, Vermont, might be the only thing that comes close to true bookmaking as they have proposed offering sports betting on credit (no upfront money bet).

Iowa's proposed legislation to allow sports betting prohibits wagering on the Hawkeyes and Cyclones.  With the demand to do so quite high, especially with in-your-face marketing throughout the state, more and more gamblers will turn to local bookmakers.  And they won't be sticking around if the software solution and service provider is not up to par.

Wagerhome is a unique proprietary turnkey sportsbook software available to those living in the great state of Iowa.

How Does a Turnkey Sportsbook Solution Work?

  •     Setting up and account with Wager Home is quick and hassle free.
  •     After agreeing on a fair price your customer service representative will guide you through the process each step of the way.
  •     You get to run your business EXACTLY the way you want to. We have the best AGENT backend software in the industry where you or your representative can create accounts, change passwords or set limits.
  •     Our software is so engaging you can allow any limits for any wager you want, and can even chose what event you want to offer your players. Moreover, you can eliminate team totals for your players without them seeing it on the wagering menu!
  •     Working with Wager Home is safe, fast and easy. Our service is 24/7 365 days a year with no down time or interruptions in service.
  •     We provide you with an offshore virtual sportsbook that ensure better retention and volume from your players. Players have a massive amount of betting options to choose from while you can continue growing your business.

You can test drive the WagerHome turnkey sportsbook solution here

- Tony Caliente, Gambling911.com

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