Independent Bookies: Better Than Being a Gambler

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C Costigan
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Owning a bookie business can be fun, it can be exciting and often times, it’s much more rewarding than being the gambler. What you have to think about is this – are you getting the most bang for your buck? In other words, this gig is a lot of work, is it worth it? Listen; it should be! If it’s not worth it to you then you are doing something wrong. The average sports gambler must hit between 52-55% of the time just to beat the juice. If they want to see any real profit, they must hit consistently more than 55% of the time. Now think about this, how many sports gamblers do you know that consistently hit 55% of the time? The pay per head is a solution for independent bookies to create a profitable market that works miracles. Take a look.  

  • We will not tell you that the “house always wins” that’s a giant lie that gamblers want to believe, don’t believe it, it’s not true. Las Vegas has built a multi-billion-dollar industry on the backs of sportsbooks! That’s another blatant lie. Nothing has been built in the backs of sportsbooks. The wealth from Vegas has been built on the backs of casinos who happen to own and/or manage sportsbooks. 

  • In this modern day of technology, sports gamblers have become very good at what they do. They are figuring out how to beat the bookies with one simple tool -- information. The gamblers will do everything in their power to beat you and they think they can beat you (that’s a good thing, keep them thinking this).

  • The players are armed with every stat known to mankind; they literally have instant access to every piece of useful information that it takes to help them beat you. Are they beating the bookie consistently? No, they are not. In order to beat the bookie, the gambler must win 52-56% of the time. Remember, we are not talking about straight-up, handshake over a beer, gambling

  • Many gamblers do not cover the juice consistently and many simply never win, however, there are the “wise” players that have come along in recent years and they have become very sharp. They have learned the tricks to beating the bookie. 

  • There will be times as a bookie when you feast and there will be times when you are hungry, but if you learn how to run this online gambling business correctly, you will never starve.

  • There is certainly a lot to know about being a bookie and although sports knowledge is helpful, it’s not something that will kill you if you are lacking. You do not need to be a line mover or odds maker. The PPH will do absolutely everything for you and now you actually have time to concentrate on building a larger client base. 

  • You must have a Las Vegas style casino to go along with your sportsbook, as well as have a world-class racebook. You must offer a fantastic casino as well as horse racing. These two entities are a must for anyone serious about earning a six-figure income. If you want to get wealthy in a fairly short amount of time, then you will absolutely open a casino along with your sportsbook. 

  • Las Vegas sportsbooks depend on casinos for their wealth, and for one reason, casinos never lose. The sportsbook is marginal, and the house doesn’t always win, but the casino is not marginal, and the house nearly always wins. This is the nature of casinos both brick and mortar as well as offshore. 

You are an independent bookies to create a profitable market; you love what you do but you must see more profit. You can’t keep doing this and not see huge profit margins. Now you have the chance to get in with a fantastic PPH and let them do all of the heavy lifting for you. They will custom-build your gaming website for FREE and it comes with every tool in an arsenal built to make money, and more money, and more money. Make the call today and turn this thing around. Make this football season the best one that you have ever had. Your clients will love you and so will you! 

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