I Need to Switch to a New Pay Per Head Before The Super Bowl: HELP!!!!

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Don Shapiro
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While switching to a new Pay Per Head will typically take up to an hour at some of the more quality PPH businesses, we would advise you make the move as soon as possible ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl.   PricePerPlayer is one of the more established Pay Per Head firms with pricing starting as low as $5 per active customer per week.


Five Business Goals to Set for Your Bookie Business as We Head Into This Year's Super Bowl


  • Reducing your Bookie Expenses – This is accomplished by lowering your price per customer (per head) while improving the quality of service you were receiving with a prior PPH business. Unfortunately, many bookies and those looking to start their first online sportsbook believe that all Pay Per Head businesses are made the same.  Some are just cookie cutter software platforms that do not offer the 24/7 customer service, live in-play betting, reports and expert line movements customized to specific players. 
  • Increase Your Sports Betting Market Share – Capturing a larger part of the market is a key component of a competitive and profitable business. For a bookmaker this means getting more players and getting your players to bet more.  If you happen to operate in a market that now regulates sports betting, chances are that licensed companies are already flooding the airwaves with advertising. You need to explain to folks why your customized online mobile betting site is better than the other guys (i.e. the anonymity factor, ability to bet on in-state schools, no worries about security and your winnings being reported and documented).
  • Get Customers to use Different Gambling Options – Cross-selling from sports betting to casino playing can be tough but it is a worthy goal. This results in higher revenue without having to look for new players.  Even with the Super Bowl, encourage your players to start checking out the online casino, which comes with many Pay Per Head package deals.
  • Create More Goal Specific Promotions – Smaller gambling operations usually only have 2-3 promotions per year if any at all. By creating more promotional material for specific sporting event or season, you will improve your brand and your revenue.  Be especially creative with your Super Bowl promotions.
  • Find New Opportunities for Networking – If you are not actively networking your sportsbook then now is the time to do it. In a world where social media is rampant and mouth-to-mouth recommendations are gold.  Do visit sports bars in your region ahead of the big game.  Chances are you will meet multiple folks looking to place bets on the Super Bowl and other events.

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- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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