How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack Online

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You can play online blackjack using Bitcoin  and withdraw using that cryptocurrency, then convert it into USD, euros, pounds or other money by connecting to your bank account. Make sure to sign up for your Bitcoin.com wallet here.

The online betting site of your choice will have you send them the special address/token obtained from the Bitcoin wallet or exchange.

You would select either SEND (to deposit funds) or RECEIVE (to withdraw funds).

It is always recommended to use a Bitcoin wallet in order to ensure complete anonymity.

Some exchanges allow one to connect to their bank accounts.  The Bitcoin can be converted into the currency of your choice then transferred into your account in as little as 24 hours.

Blackjack Bets

The Players bet against the Dealer for the better hand of 21, without exceeding (busting). Players are dealt two starting cards (hole cards) faced up where as the Dealer receives one up and one down, they can then begin betting. Betting in Blackjack is easy, but first you will have to understand the terms:


A hand of 21 made up of an Ace and a 10.


Be dealt another card if you haven’t drawn a 21.


To stick with what you have and not keep on betting.


Players can pick Split, which would rid of one of their two hole cards and allow another to be dealt, Stand and Hit follow after.


To be dealt another card and double your bet.

Now that you have the basics, it is necessary to remember the value of each card. Cards between 2 and 10 are as indicated; face cards such as Kings are all valued as 10’s, but Aces can count as either 1 or 11, benefitting the Blackjack player.

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