How Will Artificial Intelligence Benefit the Online Casino Industry?

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Looking across the industry, it’s clear that a benchmark of futurism and technological progress is the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, AI is being gradually integrated into everyday life – from the growth of the self-driving car market (expected to expand by 63.1% from 2021 to 2030) to the adaptation of AI in smartphones to allow us to use face recognition and augmented reality gaming. But how does this translate to the world of online casino? How is artificial intelligence changing the online casino industry? 

Algorithms and Online Casinos 

The main basis of AI is turning collected data into action through algorithms and machine learning. So, the online casino industry’s future will be taking this information and implementing it to make a site user’s experience better. Algorithms are already at play when it comes to most table games, with formulas – that are checked by independent regulators – using the house odds to determine what might come next. 

For roulette, this determines where the ball lands, for table card games, it determines what hands may be dealt. The algorithm bases this on a set of fixed and limited information – much like the early AI Deep Blue chess master computer. Algorithms could also provide games that are more challenging or ones that are more suited for beginners.

AI to Boost Customer Experience 

The future of AI in online casino will be based more on how information can be collected, collated, and interpreted in order to make experiences better for its users. Are some games never played, or are others played up until a particular point? Does navigation hinder the user experience? Collecting this data could help provide site users with the experience they most want to engage with. 

Many sites offer a multitude of games – with some offering hundreds of slot games. AI would take the information of what users interact with and then tailor offerings based on this. The algorithm for Twitter, Spotify, or Netflix recommendations, for instance, could be further developed for a better user experience. 

As the games selection at Speedyspel.se shows, there are dozens of games already that use different kinds of technology – from live casino that uses a real dealer to different kinds of slot games that present different experiences for players. 

AI for Customer Service 

AI can also benefit the online casino industry in terms of their customer service. Nobody wants a problem with a site, but sometimes these things happen. AI chatbots assimilate tons of data to provide cogent responses based on issues that might arise. So AI could be used to expedite the fixing of problems, which would free up humans to deal with more customers and lead to a more streamlined process overall. 

AI is sure to come into play in many industries and has already proven its worth. The online casino industry is primed to take advantage of what AI could do, especially as we have seen the industry respond well to and embrace other technological advances – such as live casino, multiple payment methods, and mobile optimization. The future of the industry will definitely be focused on the customer experience and this can be made more engaging through the innovative use of AI software. The most interesting thing is that most users won’t even realize AI is involved.

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