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ESPN will release ‘The Last Dance,’ a 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the rest of the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls on Sunday nights from April 19th to May 17th. You can enjoy watch it and make some money betting on it because there are numerous prop bets on offer at

‘The Last Dance’ was going to air in June but with most sports leagues being suspended because of coronavirus concerns, fans all over the world asked ESPN to please release it earlier and the network agreed.

In ‘The Last Dance,’ we will see how an NBA Entertainment crew followed the Bulls around during the 1997-98 season on the road to winning the last of their six championships.

The documentary will discuss the Bulls dynasty and include some never-before-seen footage and interviews with more than 100 people close to the team and personalities.

“Michael Jordan and the ’90s Bulls weren’t just sports superstars, they were a global phenomenon,” ‘The Last Dance’ director Jason Hehir said. “Making ‘The Last Dance’ was an incredible opportunity to explore the extraordinary impact of one man and one team. For nearly three years, we searched far and wide to present the definitive story of an era-defining dynasty and to present these sports heroes as humans. I hope viewers enjoy watching our series as much as we enjoyed the opportunity to make it.”

‘The Last Dance’ Props

Win an Emmy Award?

Yes +300
No -500

Bill Clinton Impeachment Shown or Mentioned

Yes -140
No +100

Jordan’s Game-Winning National Champ Shot Shown

Yes -300
No +200

When Will Air Jordan Logo Be Seen?

After 10 Minutes -200
Before 10 Minutes +150

Will “gambling” Be Said?

Yes -200
No +150

Will “Sirius” Song Be Heard?

Yes -500
No +300

Will “Space Jam” Be Said or Clip Shown?

Yes -120
No -120

Will Barack Obama Tweet About the Documentary?

Yes +200
No -300

Will Kobe Bryant Be Seen?

Yes -300
No +200

Will LeBron James Be Seen?

Yes -120
No -120

Will Michael Jordan Cry?

Yes -120
No -120

Yankees World Series Championship Be Shown or Mentioned

Yes +100
No -140

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