Virtual Event: How The Gaming Industry Can Benefit From Bitcoin Technology

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Aaron Goldstein
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Friday is a "must see" virtual event for gaming enthusiasts as well as those in the crypto space looking to expand their horizons.

CalvinAyre.com is inviting you to the gambling industry and esports track at the virtual CoinGeek Live Conference on October 2!

Join us on Friday morning EDT and hear from C-level speakers representing Unikrn, Boyd Gaming, Resorts Digital Gaming, Hero Gaming and more.

Kick off the event at 9:05 am ET with a session on Making Bitcoin Easy to Use for Everyone.

Truth be told, it is super easy (we are talking under two minutes to send and receive your funds via digital currency) but takes a little bit of time to explain at the onset. Join Moderator: Jimmy Nguyen - Founding President, Bitcoin Association to guide us through.

10:50 am ET we have iGaming Future: How the Bitcoin Blockchain Can Power More Efficiency and Transparency Across the Industry’s Value Chain.

12:15 pm ET the man purported to have created Bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright discusses The Digital Ledger to Advance the World’s Technology Infrastructure.

Some more favorites we look forward to:

1:40 pm - Digital Currency & Global Compliance: Tools & Tips for Exchanges, Wallets & Other Service Providers

2:15 pm - Venture Investments for the Future of Bitcoin & Blockchain

At 3:35 we conclude with the Keynote Speech & Fireside Chat - Can Satoshi Nakamoto Save the Internet & World Money?

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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