How Do Online Bookies Still Make a Profit In The Summer?

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For online bookies, there are 4 main sources of income during the summer. All 4 sources of income can lead to profit that will take away the online sportsbook summer blues.

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1. NFL Futures/NFL Preseason Games

NFL future betting will get hot starting the week of July 26. The reason? NFL training camps begin on July 26.

 Once NFL training camps hit, NFL future bettors should start laying down dollars on teams to win the Super Bowl, over/under game totals, and other prop bets like NFL MVP, and NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The first NFL Preseason game takes place on August 5. That means NFL bettors should also get into NFL Preseason betting.

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2. Del Mar and Saratoga Horse Racing Meets

The top two horse racing meets in the nation take place during the summer. On the west coast is Del Mar, Where the Turf Meets the Surf. On the east coast is Saratoga, The Graveyard of Favorites. Both meets should provide plenty of racing action to horseplayers.

The best way to get players involved in your online racebook is to tell them about how much better racebook betting odds are than betting on sports. Don’t worry. They’ll still wager on sports.

3. Online casino, a Gift That Keeps Giving to Online Bookies

The online casino makes money while you’re watching Netflix. There’s no reason not to promote the online casino because it will absolutely bring dollars to your online bookie business.

The great thing about the online casino is that it virtually promotes itself. Small bets attract casual players. Small bets adds up to action in the online casino.

Like a Vegas casino, your edge is much better in the online casino than it is in the online sportsbook.

4. MLB betting

MLB betting should continue to drive action until NFL Week 1. MLB betting can happen every day. Get players interested in wagering on MLB by promoting specific parlays.

Promoted parlays gives online bookies control over what baseball games players can include in their parlays.

Make sure to add an incentive to promote the parlay.

No player will wager on a promoted parlay without an incentive.

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