How do I Start My Own Sportsbook Business Legally? Can it be an LLC?

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Aaron Goldstein
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While it is true that you can, in theory, operate your sportsbook business as an LLC, you will need to pay all your taxes and maintain proper records. It's probably also wise not to file your company name as "Joe's Bookmaking Business".

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Bookmaking businesses operating without a government license should run like a sports handicapping service.  After all, there are now handicapping companies entering white label partnerships with sportsbook firms operating directly in the United States.  This is a similar concept to that of the Pay Per Head.

A Pay Per Head charges X amount per active customer per week, as low as $7 at RealBookies.

You get your own customized website for players to access.  Additionally, it is recommended to have a master website featuring sports betting news and stats.  This does not have to be provided by the PPH company, though they can likely assist in the development.

The Pay Per Head handles all other aspects of your bookmaking business including customer service, oddsmaking, report generation, live in-play wagering as well as providing a live dealer casino and horse racing platform in some cases.

Steps to become a bookie

    Learn about the business from blogs and experienced people
    Find players
    Partner with another bookie so that you both win
    Get a great Pay Per Head Bookie Software
    Start running and managing your business

The Bottom Line in Bookmaking Business

From RealBookies.com:

"Understanding that the customer who wagers only $100 a game will lose $3,000 to $4,000 over the course of any given season should give you plenty of incentive to hit the bricks. If you use your time wisely, reaching a customer base of 200 or so (a little better than average) should be no problem."

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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