How Can Online Bookies Entice Players to Become NHL Bettors?

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Football season is over. That means pay per head agents must find other revenue streams. No single revenue stream will replace that of which football brings.

However, adding revenue streams could help bookies continue to profit before the next football season.

One of those revenue streams to add is NHL betting. Hockey you say?

Yes, we do say!

We know what you’re thinking. How can bookies turn football bettors into hockey bettors?

NHL Betting:  Entice Players to Wager on Canada’s Top Sport

Bookies might be wary about how much action they can produce with NHL betting. So, we have 3 solid strategies to entice your players and turn them into hockey bettors.

1. Promote Stanley Cup Futures

The best way to introduce players to hockey wagering is to promote Stanley Cup future odds. Check out a few current odds on teams to win the Stanley Cup:

Tampa Bay Lightning                                  +300

Toronto Maple Leafs                                    +450

Winnipeg Jets                                               +1000

Calgary Flames                                +1100

San Jose Sharks                               +1100

Washington Capitals                                   +1200

Nashville Predators                          +1400

Okay, now, check out the last 5 Stanley Cup winners:

  • 2014 L.A. Kings
  • 2015 Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 2018 Washington Capitals

If you haven’t yet guessed, favorites almost never win the Stanley Cup. The Kings won the Cup in 2014 as the 8th seed in the Western Conference.

Last season, the Caps won the Cup as a big-time dog while nobody thought the Pens would go back-to-back because that almost never happens.

It’s all about odds. If players want to back the chalk, they’re getting decent 3/1 odds on Tampa. If they don’t like the chalk or Maple Leafs, they’re getting at least double-digit odds on everyone else.

Promote odds and action will follow.

2. Favorites don’t always win on the moneyline

Moneyline upsets happen all the time in NHL. On Feb. 5, Buffalo beat the Minnesota Wild as a +100 dog, the New Jersey Devils lost to the L.A. Kings as a -155 favorite. Carolina upset Pittsburgh as a +123 dog, Vegas upset Tampa as a +128 dog, San Jose beat Winnipeg at +113, Columbus beat Colorado at +105, and Chicago beat Edmonton at +125.

So, on a single night of NHL action, the dogs went 7-5.

That’s big above even money profit to your players. Who wouldn’t want to look to wager on hockey?

3. NHL games take place almost every day

NHL rarely goes dark. Games take place almost every day, which means online bookie agents can offer NHL betting 7 days a week.

Use your TV Listing feature, available with the PayPerHead Prime Package, and find out when and on which channel games are taking place.

Then, take to social media and start to promote the odds. Or, send out an email to potential hockey bettors, share odds and stats and start getting players thinking about hockey.

You should be to round up some committed bettors quickly.

Remember, in NHL, dogs often win on the moneyline, games take place every day, and the Stanley Cup favorite almost never wins the trophy.

Bookies can use all 3 of those things to promote hockey betting.

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