How Can I Start My Own Sportsbook From the Pittsburgh Area?

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Mary Montgomery
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You can start your own online sportsbook from Pittsburgh where the NFL and NHL will continue to rule the land.

*No hidden fees.  Everything for $5 per player
*Accepts Amazon Cards, Gift cards, Bitcoin
*Open an account in less than a minute
*2 Week Free Trial
*Hundreds of leagues, live betting - 99.9% uptime
*Mobile platform available
*Live dealer casino
*Mandarin Chinese, 日本人の, 한국, Fillipino, việt
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What is a Pay Per Head

A Pay Per Head allows agents and bookies to better manage their players by outsourcing all aspects.  With the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bookies and agents no longer technically have to get involved with the payment component.  In most cases this was the only aspect of a bookmaker's business the PPH did not handle.

The bookie/agent must pay the Pay Per Head a set fee per week per player.  Typically this would be around $10 per player per week.  Keep in mind that this fee represents a dramatic deduction in what an independent bookmaker would have paid in the past per player for costly overhead.

What You Get With a Pay Per Head

Instant Account Setup
Live In Game Wagering
24/7 Reporting
Massive server and security infastructure
Mobile Interface

Expert linesmakers with customized odds
Get your own customized website
Often free multiple weeks trial
Free Racebook
Casinos, including live dealer, are often included in the package


PA Has Legalized Sports Betting, Why Would Gamblers Need a Bookie

Many gamblers like the idea of working with a middleman.  This has a lot to do with anonymity.  Likewise, winning sports bettors are fast discovering they are not welcome at the regulated books or otherwise having their bet limits drastically reduced.

Bookies operating from the state will likely benefit from the more widespread acceptance of sports wagering, primarily through aggressive ad blitzes.

Why a Pittsburgh Area and Western Pennsylvania Bookie Needs a Pay Per Head

The demand for live in-play wagering alone requires a bookmaker to operate with Pay Per Head software.  Imagine a bookie sitting there trying to grade every nationally televised game as it is being played whether a team scores in a particular period of time. 

Even if there was no live in-play betting, nearly all of today's Pay Per Head companies have years of experience creating and moving lines, monitoring players and providing useful reports.  More betting options can be offered through the Pay Per Head including player and game props, futures and sporting events that US bookmakers may not have the proper knowledge of.  The racebook and online casino provide further edges for the house (bookie/agent).

Know Your Gamblers, Know Your Teams

Steelers RB Jaylen Samuels thinks backfield duo with James Conner is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m healthy, first and foremost; I’m 100 percent healthy now,” Conner said during a recent appearance on NFL Network, via ESPN. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But we have talent in that room. We have Jaylen Samuels, who’s a tremendous receiver, a talented runner. We have Benny Snell. We know the work that he did at Kentucky. He’s a hard-bodied runner, so all those guys will get touches. It’ll be fun this year just seeing those other guys being successful.”

The Steelers are expected to be a middle-of-the-pack team at 25/1 odds of winning the 2020 Super Bowl.

They are expected to win OVER 9.5 regular season games however.

The Penguins are listed at 20/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2020.

The Bleacher Report once wrote this of the Pittsburgh fan:

Every fanbase thinks it has the best and most passionate on the planet. Regardless of the city, there is a legion of fans walking around with an inferiority complex, just waiting for someone to ever question their fandom.

Pittsburgh has those people. They're there, they're annoying and no one ever wants to sit within 10 rows of them at a stadium. But taken as a whole, the fans stand out for their duality between passion and rationality.

While Philadelphia is known as the boo capital of the world, Pittsburgh is tepid. Even rivals like the Baltimore Ravens get the respect they're due once the final whistle sounds. There's some hatred there but also an understanding of mutual respect. There are instances in which fans have turned on their own, but that's the case in every city.

I wouldn't necessarily categorize Pittsburgh in the same breath as Boston, New York, Chicago and even Philly. For rational human beings looking to attend a game in peace, though, that's probably a good thing.

Your Teams Recent Success

For some sports, the record Against The Spread is an indicator of a team's success in the world of wagering.

Steelers - Last year they went 8-7 ATS and the year prior 7-9.  Use of a Pay Per Head would likely have resulted in a nice profit both years thanks to the variety of house-friendly offerings such as the live play platform, massive prop and futures offerings, online casino and horse racing.

Penguins - While the Penguins finished a few notches below the .500 mark Against The Spread, money line wagers are the most popular in Hockey.  Pittsburgh finished a strong 44-26.  The Pay Per Heads would have reduced losses for certain.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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