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Aaron Goldstein
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Starting your own sportsbook from LA probably makes plenty of sense, especially ahead of the 2019-2020 season with the Lakers seeing more future bets to win the NBA Championship than any single NFL team and the Rams coming off their Super Bowl loss.  And did we mention it's the Clippers who were listed as the 7/2 favorites.  Pay Per Head software offers an excellent opportunity to start a sportsbook from Los Angeles.

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What is a Pay Per Head

A Pay Per Head allows agents and bookies to better manage their players by outsourcing all aspects.  With the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bookies and agents no longer technically have to get involved with the payment component.  In most cases this was the only aspect of a bookmaker's business the PPH did not handle.

The bookie/agent must pay the Pay Per Head a set fee per week per player.  Typically this would be around $10 per player per week.  Keep in mind that this fee represents a dramatic deduction in what an independent bookmaker would have paid in the past per player for costly overhead.

What You Get With a Pay Per Head

Instant Account Setup
Live In Game Wagering
24/7 Reporting
Massive server and security infastructure
Mobile Interface

Expert linesmakers with customized odds
Get your own customized website
Often free multiple weeks trial
Free Racebook
Casinos, including live dealer, are often included in the package


Why an LA Bookie Needs a Pay Per Head

The demand for live in-play wagering alone requires a bookmaker to operate with Pay Per Head software.  Imagine a bookie sitting there trying to grade every nationally televised game as it is being played whether a team scores in a particular period of time. 

Even if there was no live in-play betting, nearly all of today's Pay Per Head companies have years of experience creating and moving lines, monitoring players and providing useful reports.  More betting options can be offered through the Pay Per Head including player and game props, futures and sporting events that US bookmakers may not have the proper knowledge of.  The racebook and online casino provide further edges for the house (bookie/agent).

Know Your Gamblers, Know Your Teams

LA will have some exceptional teams in 2019-2020.

The Clippers and Lakers are the two favorites to win the 2020 NBA Championship.

The Dodgers have been playing great Baseball.

So many teams in LA.....and therein lies the problem.

From OutsideThePocket:

Los Angeles is a terrible sports town. And no, I’m not saying we don’t have great fans. There are thousands of die-hard fans in this city and I’m not suggesting that any of them are less powerful than any other city’s fans. That being said, one of the biggest problems with Los Angeles is that there are too many teams. This isn’t the city’s fault; in fact, it makes perfect sense why they want to bring in more teams. It increases revenue, draws attention to certain areas, and creates new jobs and opportunities for our ever growing population. But that’s simply the problem: L.A. is way too big to ever be considered a good sports town.

Obviously, this is great for the bookmaker as they have betting action all year long, including with professional soccer.

Your Teams Recent Success

For some sports, the record Against The Spread is an indicator of a team's success in the world of wagering.

Rams - The Rams played in the Super Bowl and lost, which was great for local bookmakers. It also helps that they went 7-8 Against The Spread.

Lakers - The Lakers will be heavily shaded in 2019-2020 and bettors will keep backing them no matter what. They went 35-45-2 ATS in 2018-2019. 

Clippers - This team went 45-36-1 last year and should also be heavily shaded as the favorites to win the Championship, provided they keep on winning.  Bookies should have the upper hand here provided the Clippers don't blow out opposing teams.

Dodgers - LA area bookies are f***ed in 2019 but less f***ed if they are using a solid Pay Per Head.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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