Lawyer Confirms Death Threats Made to Betting Clients From Account Purported to be Linked to Hockey Player

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C Costigan
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A lawyer representing multiple sports betting clients tells Gambling911.com he prefers to deal in “facts” and "I want to share the irrefutable facts" following accusations that Ontario Hockey League goaltender Tucker Tynan has been booking bets and refuses to pay one prominent gambler.


While the claims are yet to be verified, Tynan's team, the Soo Greyhounds, say they are aware of the reports while the OHL issued a statement that “the league takes such matters related to gambling and the integrity of our games very seriously and are in the process of reviewing the allegations."

Gamblers have linked Tynan to another Twitter account, @tkebetting.

"The @tkebetting twitter account has sent multiple people messages asking to partner with them on accounts," attorney Joseph P. Durham, Jr. tells Gambling911.com.  "Many of these messages have been to some of the most well-known professional gamblers."

Durham Jr. added: "When @TKEBETTING has sent payments to people, it has routinely come from accounts registered to Joseph Tynan or Tucker ."

According to Durham Jr., Tynan's real name is "Joseph".

"@tkebetting has repeatedly told people to reach out to Tucker Tynan, referencing that Tucker is a minor league hocky player and will vouch for their program."

The attorney is in the process of obtaining certified records from electronic payment processors.  He also claims that "@tkebetting has sent multiple threats of harm and even death to my clients" and has screen shots to back this up.  Gambling911.com has not yet been provided with said screenshots.

The @tkebetting Twitter account is currently protected. Tynan deleted his personal Twitter account over the weekend. 

Durham Jr. tweeted out Tuesday evening that Tynan and @TKebetting "again begged to try and resolve things while making subtle threats".

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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