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As the old saying goes, “The Best Things in Life are Free”. Are they? Sometimes. This old saying is certainly not always true, however, there are a few cases when it is true and when it comes to the gaming industry you must look for the freebies and the best value for your money. We know what’s truly free and we know what must be paid for and where the value lies. We have been gamblers and we have been bookies. Experience tells us to use caution, however, experience also tells us that we must find what works in a day when the competition is fierce. You are fighting to keep your clients and you want their loyalty. You need to keep them interested in what you are selling and that can mean getting creative. Always remember this; gamblers never die. They look for new opportunities and new ways to win money. You must offer them every opportunity, or they will find it elsewhere. You must be open 24/7 and you must have the best user interface along with a fantastic wagering platform and a fun casino.

· In the gambling business; to be the best, you must operate under the blanket of the best. You want to earn a great income; this is why you entered into this business and exactly why you get up every day. Keep the gambler engaged. You must make them feel as if they have just dialed up the largest sportsbook on the web and what they see when they dial you up is what they could get on the best and most well-known gambling sites. You can offer this and the best part – you can offer it for around $7 per head, per week.

· FIND A GREAT PAY PER HEAD: There is one way to get online with your bookmaking efforts and that’s by using a PPH provider. The PPH does everything for you. Think of all the daily tasks that you have to fulfill daily. We know how daunting this can be and how frustrating it is. Remember, we have been in your shoes. We know what it was like to be a bookie on the block, to be a local bookie. This job is not easy. Many people think it is until they try it for themselves and then they quickly realize how difficult t can be. Check out the best pay per head sites at Techtimes and Scoresandstats

· The PPH will build your online sportsbook, casino, and racebook. They will custom-build it for free and you will have an exclusive .com address. Now, your clients will have 24/7 betting access and they will love you because they no longer have to call you to place a bet. You will love it because they are no longer calling you! All they have to do is show you the money (deposit), and they gamble against you, on your online bookie site.

· The best PPH providers are charging between $7-$10 per head, per week. You pay when players play. If they do not play, then you do not pay. If they play once, or an unlimited amount of times per week, you pay only the one-time fee.

· Want to keep track of what your players are betting on, if they are “up on the house” or how much they are “down”? Now you can. The PPH offers on-demand players and financial reports that are free of charge. You can read them online or print them. This is the best way to stay on budget and know exactly where each player is and exactly where every dollar is going.

The best per head providers are now offering a package deal that includes the online sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook. You get all of this along with an 800 number and the best customer service in the gaming industry. Your clients will have full access to customer service, and this eliminates a headache for you. Now, you can focus your efforts on recruiting new players.

Call the pay per head today and set yourself up with the best provider in the gaming market. Ask for a free trial and find out for yourself how the online gaming worlds earns huge money. Make the call today.

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